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Personalized Music for Kids!

MAY 2002

National Safety Month (US)
Correct Posture Month
National Allergy/Asthma month (US)
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
Better Sleep Month
Date Your Mate Month
Better Hearing Month
Transportation Month
Breathe Easy Month
Personal History Awareness Month
Project Safe Baby Month
Strike Out Strokes Month
National Scrapbooking Month (US)
Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Correct Posture Month

First full week in May
Child Care Awareness Week
National Safe Kids Week (US)
National Postcard Week (US)
National Be Kind to Animals Week (US)
National Teacher Appreciation Week (US)
National Music week (US)
National Family Week (US)
Clear Air Week
Water/Detect-a-Leak Week
Food Allergy Awareness Week

Second full week in May
Universal Family Week
National Historic Preservation Week

Third full week in May Running & Fitness Week
Astronomy Week
Medic Alert Awareness Week

Fourth full week in May
National Shoe Week (US)
Good Stewardship Week

Daily Events in May

1- May Day
1- Mother Goose Day
1- Int'l Labor Day (observed by some in Taiwan)
1- Law Day
1- Hawaiian Lei Day - Make some hawaiian leis with recycled straws, some yarn, and colorful paper flowers.
1- Worthy Wage Day
2- Dr. Benjamin Spock's Birthday (born in 1903)
2- National Day of Prayer (US)
4- Space Day
4- Youth Day In China
4- Kentucky Derby (the first Saturday in May)
5- Children's Day in Japan
5- Cinco De Mayo - Make a pinata with your child.
5- National Scrapbook Day (US)
7- International Tuba Day
7- Childhood Depression Awareness Day - Mental illness in children is just as real, common, and treatable as it is for adults.  Learn how to spot depression in children, and what you can do about it.
8- Have A Coke Day - Share a coke float with your child today
8- World Red Cross Day - Today commemorates the birth of Jean Henri Durant, the founder of the International Red Cross Movement in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland.  Learn more about Red Cross around the world.
9- Sir John Barbie's Birthday (Author of Peter Pan) - Go hunting for Captain Hook's treasure or have your own treasure hunt at home.
10- National Small Business Day 
12- Mother's Day
12- Kite Day
13- Tulip Day - Make paper cup flowers with your child
15- National Chocolate Chip Day (US)
15- L.F. Baum's Birthday, author of Wizard of Oz Stories
15- Over the Rainbow Day
15- International Day of Families 
16- Wear Purple For Peace Day
16- Biographers Day
16- Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee - The reenactment of Mark Twain’s “Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” takes the stage with 3,000 frogs from May 16 to 19 in 2002.  Celebrate the date by playing that classic children's game "Leap Frog".
17- Merry-Go-Round Birthday In 1620, when horses powered the first merry-go-round.  Tai Mall in Taoyuan has a beautiful carousel on the ground floor.  About forty minutes from Taipei by airport shuttle or car, it's worth the trip for the carousel ride, a visit to Tesco, and a little bit of shopping.  Adults and older children will also enjoy Dave & Buster's.
17- World Telecommunications Day!
18- International Museum Day - Click here for a list of Taipei museums and choose one to visit with your child or as a family. 19- Ringling Brothers Founded Their Circus (Circus Day)
20- Weight and Measure's Day
20- Flower Day
21- Victoria Day (Canada)
21- Red Cross founded in US
23- Sea Turtle Day
23- Body Painting Day - Whip up some homemade face paint today, but don't just paint on faces!  Get inspired at 
25- National Missing Children's Day
25- Jazz Day - Jazz lovers worldwide celebrate their music on the Saturday of (US) Memorial Day Weekend. This year Jazz Day falls on the birthday of the great Miles Davis, born on this day in 1926. Celebrate with your child by listening to different kinds of music.
26- Blueberry Cheese Cake Day
27- National Grape Popsicle day
27- Memorial Day (observed)
28- National Hamburger day
28- Sierra club Founded
29- Ancestor Honor Day
29- John F. Kennedy's Birthday Born in 1917
31- United Nations No Tobacco Day - Promote a smoke free healthy world by talking with your child about why smoking is bad for your health.
31- National Save Your Hearing Day (US)

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