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Monthly Events:
National Safety Month
Correct Posture Month
National Allergy/Asthma month
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
Better Sleep Month
Revise Your Work Schedule Month
Date Your Mate Month
Better Hearing Month
Transportation Month
Breathe Easy Month
Modern Dance Month
Personal History Awareness Month
Project Safe Baby Month
Strike Out Strokes Month
National Scrapbooking Month
Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Correct Posture Month

Weekly Events: (first week is first full week)
Child Care Awareness Week- Week One
National Safe Kids Week - First week 
National Computer Education Week - First week
National Postcard Week - First week 
National be kind to Animals Week - First week
National Teacher Appreciation Week - First week
National Music week - First week
National Family Week - First week
Clear Air Week - First week
National Wildflower week - First week
Water/Detect-a-Leak Week - First Week
Food Allergy Awareness Week - First Week
Flexible Work Arrangements - First Week
Universal Family Week - Second Week
National Historic Preservation Week - Second Week
Running & Fitness Week; World Trade Week - Third week
Astronomy Week - Third week
Medic Alert Awareness Week - Third week
Surgical Technologist Week (Always the week with the 3rd Sunday)
- Third week
National Shoe Week - Fourth week
National Pickle Week - Fourth Week
National Safe Boating Week - Fourth week
Good Stewardship Week - Fourth week

Daily Events:
1- May Day
1- Mother Goose Day
1- Save Rhino Day
1- Labor Day in Mexico & Canada
1- Law Day
1- Loyalty Day
1- Hawaiian Lei Day
1- Worthy wage Day
1- Couple Appreciation Day! Famous couples; Superman & Lois Lane; Mickey & Minnie; peanut butter & jelly, etc.
1- School Principals Day
2- Dr. Benjamin Spock's Birthday Born in 1903.
2- National Day of Prayer
4- Space Day
4- Youth Day In China
4- Kentucky Derby (the first Saturday in May).
5- Children's Day in Japan
5- Cinco De Mayo
5- National Hoagie Day
5- National Scrapbook Day
7- International Tuba Day
7- Childhood Depression Awareness Day (Proudly wear a green ribbon to draw attention to childhood depression.)
8- Have A Coke Day
8- World Red Cross Day

9- Sir John Barbie's B'day (Peter Pan)
10- Clean Up Your Room Day
10- National Small Business Day!
10- Trust Your Intuition Day
12- Mother's Day
12- Kite Day
13- Tulip Day
14- National Dance Like A Chicken Day
15- National Chocolate Chip Day
15- L.F. Baum's Birthday Wizard of Oz Stories
15- Over the Rainbow Day
15- International Day of Families 16- Wear Purple For Peace Day
16- Biographers Day
17- Merry-Go-Round Birthday In 1620, horses powered the first merry-go-round.
17- World Telecommunications Day!

18- International Museum Day
19- Ringling Brothers Founded Their Circus (Circus Day)
20- Weight and Measure's Day
20- Flower Day
21- Victoria Day (Canada)
21- National Waitresses/Waiters Day
21- Red Cross founded in US
23- Sea Turtle Day
25- National Missing Children's Day
25- International Sing-out Day!
26- Blueberry Cheese Cake Day
27- National Grape Popsicle day
27- Golden Gate Bridge Opens In 1937. 
27 - Masking Tape Patented
In 1930. 
27- Cellophane tape patented
27- Memorial Day (observed)
28- National Hamburger day
28- Morning Radio Wise Guy Day!
28- Sierra club Founded
29- Ancestor Honor Day.
29- John F. Kennedy's Birthday Born in 1917. 
30- My bucket's got a hole in it day
30- Lincoln Memorial Dedication
30- First Indianapolis 500 car race was held in 1911
31- National Macaroon Day
31- World No Tobacco Day
31- National save your hearing day

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