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How to Avoid an Unnecessary Cesarean
The Public Citizen Health Research Group in Washington, D.C. has estimated that half of the nearly 1 million cesareans performed every year (in the USA) are medically unnecessary. While we know that there are times when a cesarean is necessary, they do increase the risk to both mother and baby. Here are some ways that you can avoid an unnecessary cesarean. [More]

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Aromatherapy Recipes for Pregnancy and Labor
Demetria shares recipes for Nausea Spray, Leg Cramp Oil, Belly Balm, and Labor Mists. [More]

The Chinese Custom of Confinement
The more I learn about Chinese confinement customs, the more I wish I'd had a "babymoon" with each of my own babies.  [More]

Nature's Plan for Success in Childbirth
A sunny afternoon in April 1994, I deposited a few drops of urine into a pregnancy test. I waited very impatiently, trying hard not to look until the full time had passed. I cheated, but the two lines were already there... I was pregnant! All the terrible things I had heard about childbirth, and the things that I had secretly pondered flashed before me; the pain, the episiotomy, the exposure! Oh, surely, there had to be a better way. [More]


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