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Confessions of a Cloth-Diapering Mom
By Kristen Harris

You do what?! Is that possible? Do they even make cloth diapers anymore? You must have a clothes dryer!

First, because this is a confessions page, here are my deepest secrets:

  • I do not cloth diaper exclusively. When we travel out of town, or the nanny takes the baby to Kindermusik, she uses disposables.
  • I do have a daytime nanny who helps with the laundry.
  • I bought my supplies through mail order businesses and most of them were shipped to my home in the States.
  • While I cloth diaper partially in the spirit of frugality, I have been known to go a little crazy and buy diapers just because they are cute.

Here is the real scoop. I am a full-time working mom. I have only one child. I do have a washing machine, but no hot water attached, and no dryer. I would strongly encourage anyone to consider cloth. I will give the reasons to consider them below, but basically, I think it is the best sytem, most economical, most environmentally friendly, and it if worked for generations of women and babies before (probably since the invention of cloth), then it should work for me.

Hard cold facts. Is it easier than disposable? No, it is not. However, the added time and effort really is minimal and there are many reasons to consider it.

Click here to continue: Why Choose Cloth?

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