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Confessions... continued

Where to Get Them

I have purchased from the following places and most have shipped to my US address where I have picked them up when I went home. You could also request shipping to Taiwan since most are WAHMS (work-at-home-moms) and will accommodate yor needs, but it will take a long time or cost a lot in shipping. They have great “sets” and can supply a beginning cloth diaper home. I purchased my first “set” of newborn sized diapers and covers from them and used the diapers until a few weeks ago (my son just turned 8 months) when Declan out grew them. The covers were outgrown after about 5 months. Mary is a great WAHM and she has connections with Jennifer Chau (they are on a list together). Mary is great and has awesome customer service! She stocks all sorts of diapering supplies. Jennifer at Little Lambs Diapers makes some really cute diapers (and Mama pads too if you are ready) and she has shipped to Taiwan. You can fit 3 diapers into a global priority envelope. I really like her fitted diapers.

Here are some sources that I have not personally used, but have heard good things about: Check out the auctions for Honeyboys diapers. They are really cute, but they retail for about US seventy-five dollars each. Krista sells Fuzzybunz and Hemp Inserts (Joey Buns).

If you really get the bug and want to sew your own, here are a few pattern links:

Jody at Honeyboys (the ones that sell for $$$) has created a home pattern. I have tried it and they work great! Plus, Jody has also created a list-serv to ask questions while sewing the diapers.

For a fitted diaper pattern, visit

For a good tutorial on making your own diapers, see

And if you are more interested in a bargain, check out these swap/fsot boards. Some are moms who bought a diaper that did not work for their child; others are wahms who are trying to drum up business by selling on these swap boards.

Amity’s World at has a very popular swap board.

Or visit the swap boards on Look for the swap meet board under Freebies & Bargains.

If you are seriously considering cloth, you might want to consider joining a cloth diaper board for a while. I found that many of the mothers were able to give me great suggestions and very useful insights. I can recommend a few sites if you want.

Here are a couple of useful links for more information on the cloth diaper scene.

Finally, I have not bothered to describe all of the types of diapers that are available (trust me--there are a lot) but I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Post to me on the message board and I will be happy to email you or call you and answer any of your questions in detail.

Kristy is a cloth-diapering, non-circ, informed-vax, attached parent to 8-month-old Declan in Taipei, where she also works full-time as an attorney. Her family also includes her husband Jeff, one dog, and a kitty.

Copyright 2002 Kristen Harris for My Taipei Baby

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