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Packing Your Hospital Bag

Identification, national health card
Hospital Records
Birthing plan, if you’ve written one
Resource books
Camera and film, or video recorder to capture the moment
Water bottle and juice or other favorite beverage for during labor
Most menus are Chinese so if you want anything else, bring it. Fresh fruit and juice for your room are always a good idea.
Comfy clothes, socks or slippers, housecoat, pajamas. If breastfeeding, remember to make sure they are breast-feeding friendly. Most hospitals have the disposable underwear and maternity pads, but bring some extras just in case.
Going-home clothes for baby: undershirt or onesie, sleeper, mittens, booties, hat, receiving blanket or bunting.
Going-home clothes for you: remember that you’ll still have a tummy so think “roomy.”
Hairbrush, deodorant, toiletries and makeup
Towel and washcloth
Address book for phone numbers
Phone card or mobile phone for calling friends and family

Other items that might make your labor/hospital stay a bit more comfortable:

  • Reading material, crossword puzzles, etc.
  • “Focal point” for labor
  • Ponytail holder—to keep hair out of your face
  • Relaxing music and walkman/cassette player
  • Tennis balls for applying pressure to sore spots, or other massage tool
  • Massage oil

Now available for int'l delivery:

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