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September 2002

Welcome to My Taipei Baby, and if you're new to the city, a warm welcome from our family to yours!

Stop by the Family Forum and start or join a discussion. Looking for a pediatrician? Dentist? Maternity clothes? Baby needs? Post it to the board and someone will point you in the right direction.

Connections' new family support group "Friends of the Family in Taipei" met last Wednesday (second Wednesday of each month), where we discussed the emotional impact of "9/11".  Next month, we hope to have a dentist come to speak on dental hygiene, and you can also look forward to our family outing scheduled for 28-Sep (to be announced).

There's lots of great stuff going on at the Community Services Center this month--Kindermusik, Kids' Food with Shirlee Posner, and Designing Your Own Homepage.  And if you're new to Taipei, don't forget to pick up your very own copy of Taipei Living.

Have you heard? has "segued" into a new Taiwan-oriented community.  In the past week, I've found a link to the Taiwan Routine Immunization Schedule, learned that you can purchase traveler's health insurance for as little as NT$1000-2000, and came across a shop with some beautiful cabinets.

I'll be updating our Family Fun Calendar this week and invite you to post any playgroups or other kid-friendly and family-oriented events.

Until next time,


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