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Taipei Hospitals

Following is contact information for some of the hospitals available to you in Taipei.  We listed these hospitals because we either have experience with them, or know someone who can provide firsthand information on them.  There are quite a few other hospitals in Taipei, and we'll be adding more information as it becomes available.

On the following page, you can view a table with information that might be of interest to you.

If you have questions about a particular hospital not listed here, feel free to post a question on the Family Forum.

Chung Shan Hospital
2708-1166 ext 377 for English operator
Loc:  11, Lane 112, Jen Ai Road, Section 4, Taipei
[Read Heather's birth story]
[Declan's Birth Story coming soon!]

Chung Shan Primary Care Center
same phone and address; you must call for an appointment
The primary care center is cash only and does not accept Taiwan's National Health Insurance.  If this is a concern, you can get the same kind of care from the same doctors at the main hospital.  The main difference seems to be that appointments at the Primary Care Center are less rushed, and the facility itself is nicer, quieter, and more comfortable.

National Taiwan University Hospital
Loc:  7 Chung Shan South Road, Taipei
[Birth Story coming soon!]

Shin Kong Memorial Hospital
Loc:  95 Wen Chang Road, Shihlin
[Birth Story coming soon!]

Taiwan Adventist Hospital
Loc:  424 Pa Teh Road, Section 2, Taipei
[Read Jennifer's birth story]

Taiwan Adventist Hospital Priority Care Center
English operator:  2776-2651
Hours:  Mon - Thu 8:30 am - 5pm, Closed Saturdays, Fri & Sun 8:30am - 12pm
Call for an appointment
This Clinic is also self-pay* only and does not accept National Health Insurance.  If you are an expat whose employer will reimburse you for your healthcare, I would recommend taking advantage of this option.  If not and you still want to avail of this service, the cost would still be very affordable.  You can also contact the business office for a list of hospital fees.

*6-May-2002: Previously, I'd written that Adventist's PCC was cash only,and Danielle F. informed me that credit cards are also accepted. (Thanks Danielle!)

Veterans General Hospital
2871-2121, ext 3530 for English operator
201 Shih Pai Road, Section 2, Shihpai
[Catherine's Birth Story coming soon!]

Hospital Points of Interest (coming soon)

Now available for int'l delivery:

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