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Community Organizations

Community Services Center
(02) 2836-8134 / 2838-4947
fax: (02) 2835-2530
Offers Counseling, Continuing Education, Cross-Cultural Training, and more.

(02) 2871-0731 (ans. machine)     fax: (02) 2871-0737
Opportunities for the local and international communities to connect through Art, Craft Afternoons, Culture Study, Health & Wellness, Book Club, Mandarin, Mahjong, Language Exchange, and more.

(02) 2833-7444     fax: (02) 2835-2778
Limited hours, open 9am - 12pm, Monday - Friday.  Closed on holidays, with shorter hours in the summer.  Great lending library and popular coffee mornings.  There is also a Bible study group for mothers and children, Mondays 10am - 11:30, which takes place at the home of a member in Wellington Heights, Peitou.  Someone is available to care for the babies and children in an adjacent room (no charge).  According to group member Anita, the group is currently doing an intensive study of "Woman After God's Own Heart".  Call Gateway for information on joining the group.
Online community for global professionals in Taiwan.  Active forums with knowledgeable moderators, with information about living and working in Taiwan.

Trade Office Websites

American Institute in Taiwan (Taipei)
2709-2000     fax: 2702-7675
7, Lane 134, Hsin Yi Rd., Section 3, Taipei

British Trade and Cultural Office
2322-4242 / visas: 2322-3235
9F, 99 Jen Ai Rd., Section 2, Taipei

Canadian Trade Office in Taipei
2547-9500     fax: 2712-7244
13F, 365 Fu Hsing N. Rd., Taipei

For a more complete list of embassies, consulates and trade offices, please pick up your copy of Taipei Living, available thru the Community Services Center.

Expat Resources on the Web

BR Anchor Publishing, recognized experts in relocation, produces domestic and international publications for adults, teens and children. These books provide hands-on, cost-effective relocation direction for individuals and corporations. The free monthly electronic newsletter, Relocation Today, is also available.

Britain USA 
Maintained by British Information Services, "BritainUSA" aims to answer
the questions most frequently asked in the United States about Britain
and provide up-to-date government comment on current events.

Resources for UK expats in the US.

Brits Abroad 
Buy British food abroad at this expatriate international corner shop.

Country Net 
Online information center for expatriates and business travellers.

Crown Worldwide 
Information on everything that matters for the expatriate from countries to schooling.

This site is split into 'live abroad' and 'work abroad'. 

Employee Relocation Council 
Membership organization providing both employers and employees access to publications, listings of new job openings, relocation industry events, and relocation trends.

Escape Artist 
Expatriate resources including removal and relocation companies and regional directories.

Expat Access 
For expatriates in Europe.

Expat Agency 
Information and services for expatriates moving to and living in the UK.

Expat Exchange 
Many different networks where you can ask questions and receive replies.  Also has a regular electronic newsletter.

Expat Financial 
Brokers international life, health, travel and disability insurance
to expatriates, their employers and local nationals around the world.

Expat Forum 
Information on cost of living as well as an Expat Chat board divided
into different regions. 

The Expat Grapevine 
Enables expats to keep in touch with friends they've made overseas, and also locate old friends. 

Expat Network (Nexus) 
Lots of country specific information.

Expat World 
Online version of this print newsletter. 

In addition to expat resources, great info for HR professionals as well
as international job listings.

Expatriate Experts 
Personal advice, chat and support from expatriate guru and culture
shock author, Robin Pascoe.

Expatriate Press 
New publishing company with Homeward Bound offering a unique
insight into how repatriation really feels.

Expatriate Resources from Shell Outpost 
Produced by Shell but available to the public.

The Foreign Service Youth Foundation 
The Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF) is the only private, non-profit
organization dedicated to providing information, advocacy and outreach
activities for the internationally mobile youth of all United States Foreign
Affairs Agencies in the Washington, D.C. areas and at Foreign Service posts
abroad. The website offers information about the youth development programs for teens and pre-teens, FSYF publications and resources for internationally mobile families and webpages for teen and pre-teen "TCKs".

Foreigner US 
Website for expatriates and visitors to the US.  Lists books for those
wanting to study, work, marry, in the US and also addresses immigration.

GIL Financial Press 
GIL Financial Press is a small publisher focused on providing books and
monographs that give overseas Americans the information they need to
manage their unique financial affairs.

Global Network is run by the Weekly Telegraph and is affiliated to the British
Daily Telegraph newspaper. 

Online and on the ground relocation support service.  Subscription-based.

The Interchange Institute 
The Interchange Institute is a not-for-profit organization specializing in
assisting families relocating globally. The Institute conducts research on
the impact of intercultural transitions on individuals and families.  From the
results of this research, a variety of services are provided, including trainings
and workshops, publications and products, and customized research and
consulting services.

The International Woman of Istanbul attempts to establish contact among
women of all nationalities, in order to promote social, cultural,
intellectual exchange and friendship to ladies coming to Istanbul.

Living Abroad 
Information about visas, work permits, security, housing, insurance,
international schools, taxation, everyday life, getting around and relocation
services by country. 

Military Brats Network 
The effort of both the Military Brats Registry and Military Brats Online, this
network offers reunion information and a chance to exchange similar stories
with other children (grown or still growing) who moved frequently due to their
parents‚ job in the military. 

Moving With Kids 

Newcomers Club 

OUTPOST Expatriate Information Centre 
A large collection of worldwide practical and general country information.

Overseas Digest Online

Overseas Jobs Express 
Primarily a job search site, with lots of associated information on working abroad. 

Slice of Britain 
What do you miss? Take away a slice of Britain wherever you are in the world.
Suppliers of food, gifts and souvenirs with that British feel.  Serving Brit lovers,
Expats and the British Forces.

Survival Books 
Country specific books in the Living and Working in and Buying a Home in series.

Tales From a Small Planet 

Information on raising "Third Culture Kids".

Terra Cognita 
Terra Cognita develops, provides, and facilitates training products and programs that increase intercultural understanding among international business travelers and expatriates.

Transition Dynamics 
Covers expatriate issues and repatriation.

Transitional Learning 
TLC Ltd. creates, develops, designs and produces clinically based
interactive learning games, toys and workbooks for children and
families making major moves.

Transitions Abroad 
Lots of information about working, studying and living abroad. Associated
with the magazine.

Traveling Internationally with Your Kids
Real travel tips from real parents, on traveling internationall, or just long distances, with your children.

UK-INC Information Factsheets
A collection of practical factsheets on life in the UK, for new arrivals.

One stop shopping for UK expats around the world.

Virtual Countries 
Information on some countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Voices of Women 

World Embassies 
Directory of the world's embassies.

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